Wellbeing courses

The way to being well - six steps to a new you

This personalised, holistic training program is designed to cover every aspect of life, focusing on, and enhancing the five main pillars of wellbeing: Psychological, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial. It’s time to rediscover ways to bring happiness, strength, and prosperity back into your daily life and the lives of those around you.

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A Healthy Mind

A Healthy Mind

The first step to a new you. In this module you will learn the ways to identify what is preventing you from clearing the fog that is overriding your confidence leaving you feeling uncertain, and at times, anxious.

eat and grow fit

Eat and Grow Fit

Bringing fun and enjoyment back into movement and exercise and showing easy sustainable ways to close the gap between what we eat and what we should be eating.

the seeds to self management

The Seeds of Self-Management

Before we can care effectively for others, it’s important to develop a non-judgmental attitude to creating healthy, sustainable habits and life choices for ourselves.

real relationships

Real Relationships

Is all about enabling a culture of connection and support through improved communication and interpersonal skills for your whole life.

Financial Fitness

Financial Fitness

This module is about focussing on developing a clear understanding of the role those strong financial foundations play on overall wellbeing. You will be provided with practical, easy to follow strategies to reduce the overwhelm and anxiety often associated with financial strain, to create confidence, stability, and prosperity.

Being Soul-full

Being Soul-Full

How often do you give yourself the time and space to just be? This module helps you to explore this often-overlooked aspect of life. Taking a common-sense approach to reconnecting to what enriches us beyond just the physical, and help you be more happy, healthy and strong.

The Way to Sustain

The Way to Sustain

Now’s the time to bring it all together and focus on making the new you sustainable and realistic. Boosting personal responsibility and self-management embeds all you have learned and assists with continued growth, and life satisfaction.

7 ways in 7 days

7 ways in 7 days

The perfect way to recognise the need to act on and acknowledge the importance of taking your health and wellbeing seriously. This accelerated training will give you the incentive and perspective required to move you forward. It’s a perfect starting point, and a proven circuit breaker.