Relationship Coaching

RELATIOnSHIP Coaching THAT will lead you to A life you've always wanted.

Discover a different kind of Relationship Coaching with Susie Russell.

The reality is that if someone is struggling with their relationships, they will likely be struggling in all aspects of life.

Susie leads, supports, and guides people, whether it is in established relationships, separation, grief, or conflict.

If you’re feeling lost and lonely as you navigate through a major relationship breakdown, there’s something you need to know.

It will get better.

Your kids will adapt.

Your heart will heal.

Your life will be whole once more.

It may even be better.

But it will take time, and personal growth.

So, until you’re in the right space to make great decisions again, it’s best to have a team you can trust to gently guide you through it all.

How does Susie know all of this?

Well, she’s been there.

What if you could fast track through the pain of separation & the challenges of relationships towards a better life?

What if you could get to that place where you feel in control again?

What if your future was not only as good as your married life, but a whole lot better?

The amazing thing is, it can be. So, why not start now?

Different from your usual relationship coach.

Susie has:

– experienced her own relationship breakdown
– been able to learn from past mistakes to make her marriage and life far better than she ever could have imagined

"I help to repair the worst things in life to build the best qualities in people."

Suze Wellbeings and Co.

How does she do it?

With a program designed to meet the individual’s needs by including practical strategies for the family, conflict coaching, personal development, and emotional wellbeing. It’s a coaching model proven to provide timely, pragmatic and personable guidance, allowing clients to lead peaceful, productive and authentic lives. 

Does it really work?

Having been happily married now for nearly 20 years, Susie is living proof that life doesn’t just go on after divorce, it can get a whole lot better.

There will be growth, you will be tested, and the good news is that Susie will help you to do the work on yourself so that you can move through the phases of separation to create something better.

Susie has made it her ultimate mission to shine some light on your situation.

And when you can see more clearly you can stand up and walk away with dignity and purpose.

No relationship is without conflict or difficult moments. After experiencing her own traumatic divorce years earlier, together with the passing of her mother all around the same time, Susie understands only too well the rollercoaster ride of emotions and the diverse challenges of navigating life post separation, combined with the profound loss of a loved one.  

"What I would have given to have someone like me, guiding and teaching me all the tools I have gathered over these years. Now that would have been an amazing gift."

- Susie Russell

Discover your 'why'
Take practical steps towards a better life
Take control of your finances
Be a role model for your children

Over 80% of Susie's clients have gone on to have fulfilling and constructive relationships

“Susie was a great guide in helping me through a time when I wasn't sure where I wanted to go or what I needed to do next. I found Suze to be honest, caring and have the ability to bring out the best in me. I was grateful to have crossed paths with Suze as the lessons she taught me are some I've carried with me to this day.”

Ready to reimagine your life after separation or divorce?

For convenience, flexibility and time, coaching is via Zoom, so Susie can help people from all over the country. Whilst everyone will go at their own pace, Susie recommends three to four sessions over six weeks for around one hour as a starting point to see gradual, yet significant changes.

Remember, you are not alone in this.

Enquire about Relationship Coaching today.

Some Frequently Asked Questions Answered...

7 Ways in 7 Days offers simple, practical strategies that will change the way you feel about what you can and can’t control and give you a whole lot more clarity. You will learn how to incorporate it more broadly into your life so it becomes second nature, feeling the benefits that this fresh perspective on life can give you. Delivered through instructional videos and activities, this process has proven to be enormously powerful.

We listen to understand and give you the space to set boundaries and manage expectations.

Anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes.

That’s ok. Sometimes it takes a while to be in the right headspace, but if you feel ready to grow, and embrace real change then these programs and this coaching is for you.