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Wellbeing is a skill

This personalised, holistic training program is designed to cover every aspect of life, focusing on, and enhancing psychological, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial wellbeing. It’s time to rediscover ways to bring happiness, prosperity, and focus back into your daily life, and the lives of those around you.

Does your team exhibit any of these feelings?

Stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, irritable, disconnected, lacking motivation, tired, run down, even distracted. Feeling like everyone is doing all they can to feel on top of things, but it’s just not working.

What if the team could feel more…

Present, calm, energetic, prosperous, optimistic, healthy, connected to those around them, productive, creative, clear thinking, all with a greater sense of self confidence.

Don’t know where to start?

We have your solution. As skilled educators and communicators we have been helping thousands of people achieve greater life satisfaction and fulfillment. We fast-track course participants with a tried and tested process that took years of study and lived experience to formulate. Delivered in six sustainable steps (modules), each designed to be self-paced and time efficient.

Who we are

When we first met in the early 90s, becoming instant friends, little did we realise that many years later our relationship would evolve into what it’s become today. Having been madly in love for fifteen years we are now fulfilling a long-held desire to work together. Together we share understanding gained through our fascinating personal experiences and the many lessons learned along the way to help others live a good life.

We decided to combine our skills, wealth of knowledge and life experiences to have a powerful impact on people’s health and wellbeing, by employing our genuine enthusiasm for identifying what is really needed to get the best out of yourself and other people.

“Susie is an established leader and senior educator in the development and implementation of superior quality learning and teaching programs across a diverse range of industries, business sectors and local communities. Her successful career spans more than 25 years in leadership and management and the study of human behaviour. Susie is highly qualified in these areas and is a trained Conflict Coach.”

“Garth is a professional communicator, presenter, entertainer and actor. Garth has worked for over three decades as a radio broadcaster, highly skilled interviewer, emcee and facilitator.”

We truly believe that if you care for your people,
they will care for your business

Relationships and Connections

Focused Productivity

Health and Vitality

Reconnecting with your purpose


Peace of Mind


Coping with change

Why we do it

We learned many years ago that wellbeing is anything but a set and forget proposition.

Having struggled with the sort of physical and psychological ups and downs experienced by so many, we decided to turn our attentions to what causes the overwhelm, burnout and anxiety so common in our society.

By focusing on strategies and processes to bolster self-worth and take a preventative approach to health and wellbeing we developed a tried and tested way to fast track people to not just living a calmer more fulfilling life, but one that can be sustained and improved on over time.

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Our holistic programs are designed to cover every aspect of your life. Please contact us, so we can best meet your needs.