Wellbeing is waiting.

Healthy Team. Healthy Business. Healthy You.

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that if your employees aren’t well, then your company can suffer.

Employees are the foundation of every business, regardless of the industry. So, there’s no denying that the physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing of your team is (or should be) a high priority for any business owner.

Unlock the true value of wellbeing within your business and yourself, with our evidence-based programs

Wellbeing | Wellbeings and Co. Garth and Suze

Our evidence-based wellbeing programs have been developed specifically for individuals wanting to commit to their best life and to groups looking to embark on the journey of wellbeing together.

If you and/or your team are:

  • struggling to find your ‘get up and go’,
  • losing your sense of purpose or direction in life,
  • feeling the need to request more time off, or
  • noticing a high turnover rate within your organisation,

then our affordable, six-step program is the perfect place to start in your journey to unlocking your best self.

You believe in your business.

You believe in your capable team.

So why the struggle?

The needs of the modern-day workplace have changed. In order to enjoy the social and economic benefits of a healthy workplace, and for your team to achieve their absolute best, these new needs must be met.

By freeing yourself from the constraints and limitations of ‘old’ business ways, you can not only make wellbeing a focus, but also inject a vitality into your workplace you didn’t think was possible.

That’s where Wellbeings & Co come in.

Wellbeing | Wellbeings and Co. Garth

We work one-on-one and in groups

Each Wellbeings & Co program caters to both individuals and groups looking to unlock their true value and improve their life. Our mission is to educate and arm you with the tools and knowledge to be healthier, stronger and happier, for both yourself and for those around you.

Within each of our Wellbeings & Co programs, you will learn:


  • how to create a functional, productive and supportive space,
  • a series of processes that assist the people in your workplace to achieve,
  • how to ‘lighten the load’ and feel more energised in all areas of your life, and
  • how to consistently make wellbeing a priority and watch the flow-on effect this has in your business

Real people. Real experiences. Real answers.

The learnings throughout each Wellbeings & Co program are all real, lived experiences that have reached real, effective results.

We understand that changing mindset and behaviour in the workplace isn’t easy and doesn’t happen overnight. By landing on the Wellbeings & Co page, you have already taken steps to improve your own life and those around you. This first step, which takes self-awareness and courage, is one you should be extremely proud of.

Our job at Wellbeings & Co is to make it easy and sustainable for you to make wellbeing a priority in your life. Once you and your team are truly well, the potential achieve optimum energy levels in all aspects of your live is limitless.

You’re already on your way.

Your wellbeing solution

Our six-step program acts as a gentle handhold as you explore the opportunities of unlocking the doors to your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. This program will guide you towards a place of excellence for your business and your overall health.


Our programs are:

Self-paced and easy to navigate (approach the program one module at a time or work through all six simultaneously!)
Individualised for you and your team
Informative but still fun
Empowering. Our passion is to help you become self-aware and responsible for your health and wellbeing

“With the online course, hearing from Garth and Susie via video bought a much more personal feel to the program. The practical worksheets provided me with tools to combat any conflict or crisis I may have been facing. Actively participating taught me that I was in control.”

Josh – Bloomfield

Wellbeing Programs

Individual & Group Coaching

Wellbeings & Co also offer team leader, individual and group coaching, ensuring that everyone in your workplace is catered for, and no one falls through the cracks.

Ready to make health and wellbeing a priority in your business?