eat and grow fit

What importance do you place on your nutrition and movement?

Do you show up every day with a good attitude, plenty of energy, and a positive outlook? Too often we’re told in order to feel better, we just need to exercise more, and eat a balanced diet. But what does that even mean?

‘Eat and Grow Fit’ is all about your nutrition and movement, an area that in the past you may have found confusing and overwhelming. We totally understand and as with everything we do, have put in the hard yards for you, to break this huge subject down into easy-to-digest (forgive the pun) steps designed to simplify a big contributing part of your overall feeling of wellbeing.

Eat and Grow Fit Wellbeings and Co. Course

We bring the fun and enjoyment back into movement and exercise and help you close the gap between what you eat and what you should be eating.

So…what is stopping you? Together let’s lose those excuses of not enough time, too painful, too expensive, not feeling motivated and seems like hard work. You will learn that it doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s a fact that the combination of improved nourishment and movement leads to healthier, happier bodies, and an overall boost to your quality of life.

We help you gain a better understanding of how well the body responds to fresh wholesome food, how to support your system every day with the nutrients it needs, and show you why preventative health is not just important, but totally achievable. You will get clarity and ideas around eating the right foods and choosing physical activity you can enjoy and sustain. So, no more fads and fanaticism! Just small, succinct, and sustainable steps that will lead to longer term lifestyle changes.

What will you learn?

Eat and Grow fit
  • Protect yourself from disease
  • Expect to live longer
  • Develop happy hormones
  • Experience quality thoughts and feelings
  • Reduce issues like anxiety and stress
  • Enjoy better social connection
what will we learn

“With the online course, actually hearing from Garth and Susie via video bought a much more personal feel to the program. And the practical worksheets provided me with tools to combat any conflict or crisis I may have been facing. Actively participating taught me that I was in control.”

By the end of ‘Eat and Grow Fit’, you will be well on your way to feeling lighter, having more energy, and enjoying every aspect of your life more.

We acknowledge that this can be a particularly confusing area, so in ‘Eat and Grow Fit’ we help you with a clear, common sense approach to developing routines and habits which are achievable and effective.

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