Focus on how your home makes you feel

During these extraordinary times, it’s more important than ever to focus on how your home makes you feel…

With more and more people working from home, and as we try to navigate through this new chapter, our home and the physical space around us are linked to our emotions and mood. This relates directly to our psychological and physical wellbeing. So, let’s get organised and enhance your wellbeing by creating your own sanctuary.


We are pleased to offer you some practical and common-sense tips to accommodate your life, your family, your pets, and your partner.  These ideas are designed to help you feel grounded and balanced in your physical environment as we adapt to spending more time in our homes.


Keeping wellbeing in mind, we want the physical space around us to reflect a comfortable and safe place to be. In these uncertain times we need our space to feel nurturing and enjoyable, an environment which offers us protection. Why? Because it affects our overall sense of security, which is associated with our feelings and therefore our emotional state.


So, now’s the time to do those jobs you’ve been putting off and clean out the clutter. It’s okay to be a bit messy and untidy but an organised home will clear the mind. Try to create at least one totally uncluttered place in your home. This will help to reduce stress and anxiety.


Autumn is a great time to revisit some of your home furnishings. It’s the season to reintroduce woven rugs if you’ve had them tucked away for the Summer. It’s the ideal time to get out some throws, soft cushions and other coverings in those calming colours. Then introduce some mood lighting to create a more cosy, tranquil and relaxing environment.


Using as many natural materials like wood, stone, bamboo, baskets, cotton, and paper improves your connection to nature as now many of us are limited to the time spent outdoors. Now’s the perfect time to bring the outdoors inside. Increase the number of plants and flowers as greenery helps restore your connection with nature. Who doesn’t feel happier when surrounded by plants? To add a further element of peace and calm, and happiness in the home, keep it smelling fresh and clear with essential oils and candles (to lift your spirits).


May we also suggest now is the perfect time to conduct an audit of all those little things that may have been causing you stress, jobs you’ve been meaning to do for ages, spaces you’ve been meaning to reclaim. Make this a project for everyone in the house so that you can all sit back at the end, acknowledging a sense of accomplishment and knowing that you have contributed to the physical and psychological health and wellbeing of you and your loved ones.