The Self Love Affair

If you are looking to make some improvements in the self-care area, check out these ideas:

Meditate for 5-10 Minutes a Day
Write down 3 things you’re grateful for
Do at least 25 push ups
Sit down at the table for breakfast every morning
Read for 15 minutes before bed each night
Light incense, sage stick or a candle when you get home
Watch 30 minutes of that show you’ve been meaning to catch up on
Make the bed every morning first thing
Cook a meal for yourself every day
Take a walk
Get up 20 minutes earlier than your regular time
Spend 15 minutes each day organizing a space in your home
Give yourself a facial
Go for a bike ride
Create a playlist of ten songs that you could listen to on repeat
Write about a time when you felt carefree
Drink more water
Eat a piece of fruit you love every day
Complete a jigsaw, crossword, or other puzzle
Floss your teeth every day
Moisturise your hands every day
Watch How to Videos on something you’ve always wanted to learn (check YouTube)
15 minutes of listening to your favourite music
Sitting in nature
Cuddling with a pet
Text a friend and let them know why they matter to you
Take a bubble bath
Watch a funny video or do something that will help you laugh
Talk to a friend or family member
Watch sunset or sunrise
Give up alcohol for 30 days
Take a photo of something that makes you happy
Spend 10 minutes drawing or doodling – even if you think you “can’t”
Write down a quote or something powerful you heard each day
Make a herbal tea before bed, something calming like, chamomile, spearmint, lemon, ginger, lavender, Valerian root, passionflower and try to stay away from blends that contain caffiene
Put a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow before you sleep
Take a magnesium supplement 30 minutes before going to sleep
Write yourself a note for the next day
Limit coffee intake to one or two cups per day
Donate one thing from your home every day for a month
Knit or crochet
Spend time colouring
Work on an art project
Paint a rock
Give yourself a hand and foot massage
Watch a TED Talk
Try Yoga
Eat meals without your phone or TV
Take a nap
Commute to work without your car
Write a Thank You note/card
Take a walk without your phone
Go to the local pool
Drink green tea
Start your day with a healthy option for breakfast
Have a make-up free day, or more per week
Walk 10,000 steps
Take 10 deep breaths in and out in the morning and before bed
Bake something (bring the leftovers to work or give to someone in need)
Write down something you did each day that made you feel proud
Keep a list of what you accomplished each day
Keep track of your expenses
Listen to a guided relaxation
Drive somewhere new
Visit a new coffee shop/store/area of your town
Go to a park
Visit the library
Go 30 days without watching TV
Limit sugary drinks
Make time each day to do absolutely nothing
Turn off all electronics after 8pm
Write down negative thoughts and cross them out
Set a bedtime and stick to it
Look in the mirror and say out loud what you love about yourself
Add more Feng Shui to your home
Set a reminder every few hours to check in on yourself
Set a reminder in your phone of a positive affirmation, saying you like for the same time every day
Clean, sort through, organise something in your house
Switch to natural, household cleaners
Remove added sugar from your diet each day
Stop drinking any caffeine after midday
Eat something green with each meal
Keep a food diary of what you eat each day
Create a list of books you want to read, movies you want to see, etc.
Create a document for all your ideas and add to it daily
Pack your lunch for the day the night before
Clean the kitchen/set the coffee for the next day
Stay off the internet in the evening
Add to your visualization board
Ask a friend what makes them happy
Do something spontaneous or out of the ordinary
Read an article each day from a website that inspires you