Episode 15 – Have you heard of the Blue Zones?

Have you heard about the Blue Zones? with Bec Bowie At Wellbeings & Co we often talk about the ‘Blue Zones’. Five small regions where life expectancy and quality of life are higher than anywhere else in the world. Unwittingly, Bec Bowie has managed to create her own Blue Zone in the form of a café in Newcastle, called Estabar. For the past 17 years Bec has managed to bring the ingredients together which make those Blue Zone regions health and wellbeing hubs. Bec’s passion for eating local, and seasonal, moving regularly, and taking a childlike approach to life has contributed to the health and wellbeing of her little community. All of which makes perfect sense as she takes us back to her upbringing in Taree, on the NSW Mid North Coast. Just like the community Bec serves, you will love her attitude to life.