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Feeling connected, heard and understood during the most challenging and isolating times in our lives is paramount. 

Relationship breakdowns and separations aren’t easy. We understand what it’s like to feel as though the entire framework of your life is crumbling, and everything that once seemed normal is now completely foreign. 

We know, because we’ve been there. 

Which is why we have developed dedicated group coaching sessions, specifically designed to support you emotionally and psychologically as you navigate these next steps in your healing journey. 

  • Our coaching sessions are held fortnightly over a three month period, via Zoom, to guide you towards finding peace and confidence at a time when you need it most. 
  • Coaching sessions are available as a subscription membership to you for just $30 per session. You can opt to pay for all six sessions upfront, or as a recurring, membership payment. 
  • Sessions run over one hour and are conducted in separate groups for men and women. 
  • You can remain as private as you wish. Even though it’s group coaching, you have full control over how involved you’d like to be. This coaching is designed to serve you in the way that is most suitable to your needs right now, so if that means staying quiet with the camera off, then that is completely fine.


Remember, you are not alone in this. 

Client Feedback

“I met Susie at a challenging time in my life and was seeking some mentoring and counselling. Susie was a very kind professional and offered sound, practical advice, and an action plan to move forward. Susie can connect and understand another person’s journey, put herself in their shoes and draw upon her own wide exposure of life events to then help her clients. Susie has very high emotional intelligence and that is only complimented by Garth, who shares the same quality. Together they have a genuine interest in helping people to live their best life. Inspiration at its best – thank you for being you Susie and Garth, the world needs more like it.”

-Suzi Masson

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Let’s do this! We are honoured to be working with you to get back your power, starting today!

With you every step of the way,

– Garth & Suze