Training Video and Cheat Sheet

Clear Way to Control


In this training you will learn:

  • How to focus on what you can control
  • How to make better choices and decisions
  • Three practical steps to get you back in the driver’s seat
  • How to win back more time and energy
  • and includes training video, cheat sheet, and instructions

So, you can get back your power starting today!

Garth and Susie Russell are specialists in people’s wellbeing.

By discovering that life doesn’t need to be complicated, they help people all around the world find simple and sustainable ways to improve wellbeing.


“Susie has extremely high emotional intelligence and that is only complimented by Garth, who shares the same quality. Together they have a genuine interest in helping people to live their best life. Inspiration at its best – thank you for being you Susie and Garth, the world needs more like it.”
– Suzi Masson –

“With the online course, actually hearing from Garth and Susie via video bought a much more personal feel to the program. And the practical worksheets provided me with tools to combat any conflict or crisis I may have been facing. Actively participating taught me that I was in control.”
– Josh Dagg –

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