Episode 17 – Are you really doing what you love? with Matt Linnert

Being peacefully productive is not just what Matt Linnert aspires to be himself, it’s what he inspires everyone he interacts with to be. From an early fascination with all things mathematical to a desire to educate young people as a schoolteacher, Matt finally hit upon mentoring people in life skills as his absolute sweet spot. Getting there ended up taking him to a very dark, but ultimately transformative place which helped Matt become clear about what it was that would truly feed his soul personally and professionally. So as a life coach (a title that still sits a little awkwardly with him) Matt is always happy to share some great insights into the importance of finding what it is we love and doing more of that. So, as people all around the world continue to reflect on what they’re doing and why they’re doing it, we at Wellbeings & Co trust you’ll get a great deal out of this conversation with our very wise, heart driven friend and fellow wellbeing.