Who we are

A fun loving husband and wife team who have been entertaining, engaging and influencing for over 60 years between them.

Garth as a professional presenter, radio broadcaster and actor.

Susie as an educator, trainer and facilitator.

Add to that their heart felt passion for showing people how to live a healthier more rewarding life through the sharing of life lessons via their amazing story, and you have the ingredients for a compelling argument to change the way you view what’s possible.

Put simply, Garth and Susie help human beings become thriving well beings by reducing the sense of overwhelm, fatigue and stress so common in today’s’ world.

They achieve this by having fun, sharing their well-crafted philosophy, and practical tools designed to empower you to make simple changes necessary to unshackle yourself and lighten the load. This holistic, engaging approach is designed to enhance resilience and mindset, improve communication and relationships, and create better awareness of ourselves and others

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