Real Relationships

Would you like to feel more confident with your relationships?

As the name suggests, ‘Real Relationships’ is all about being REAL, and in this module, you will learn to embrace the power of storytelling and the art of truly listening. Human beings have always been hardwired to share their experiences with each other, but due to the distractions of a technology-filled, fast-paced world it has become harder to maintain strong personal connections.

In ‘Real Relationships’ you will be shown practical strategies to help filter out some of the noise, and distractions and remind yourself of the enormous benefits, emotionally, psychologically, and of course socially of developing habits which support your need to better understand the people around you.

What will you learn?

Real relationships
  • The power of storytelling
  • the art of truly listening
  • step by step enhanced interpersonal skills
  • to be better equipped to have tough conversations
  • the benefits of understanding the people around you
Real Relationships - Wellbeing s and Co.

“With the online course, actually hearing from Garth and Susie via video bought a much more personal feel to the program. And the practical worksheets provided me with tools to combat any conflict or crisis I may have been facing. Actively participating taught me that I was in control.”

Real Relationships - Wellbeings and Co.

We take you to a place in your life where the atmosphere in your relationships is constant, authentic, and sustainable. And the exciting thing is, that by the time you have finished this module, you will be much better equipped to being the clear, confident communicator, in both your personal and professional worlds.

Communication is a skill for life!

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