Our Services

How – We present, facilitate and guest speak

Our programs are tailor-made for every organisation.

½ Day Presentation Workshop (approx 3 ½ to 4 hours)
Full Day Presentation Workshop 6 hours

1 hour Guest Speaking
Affiliate Program

Garth and Susie help people remember what they already know. They tell stories, ask questions and facilitate conversations. They challenge and lead by example. They share what they’ve learned, their philosophy for living a good life. They connect, care and collaborate. Their recipe for real relationships starts with the relationship you have with yourself.

Garth and Susie have long been recognised for their exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, always displaying an ability to engage, empower and inspire all of whom they work with.

Together, they strike the seamless balance between emotional intelligence and common sense. They listen to understand, then they help others do the same for themselves, whether it be an individual, a team or a large group, Garth and Susie start by building self-awareness. From there the strategies and solutions to problems big or small, professional or personal become clear. The great thing is these answers come from the participants, so there is a real ownership attached to the outcomes. No one leaves a session with these two humans the same as when they arrived.

In everything we do: (the outcomes)

Education and Understanding
Communication skills
Interpersonal skills
Living in alignment with your values
Self improvement/development
Increased Job Satisfaction
Increased Emotional awareness
Tools for Resilience
Healthy Habits