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We educate and facilitate; we influence and mentor

Our holistic programs are designed to cover every aspect of your life. Please connect with us so we can best meet your needs.

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We help people remember what they already know. We tell stories, ask questions and facilitate conversations, and challenge by leading by example. We share what we’ve learned, our philosophy for living a good life. We connect, care and collaborate. The recipe for real relationships starts with the relationship you have with yourself.

We have long been recognised for our exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, and pride ourselves on our ability to engage, empower and inspire all of whom we work with.

Together, we strike the seamless balance between emotional intelligence and common sense. We listen to understand, then we help others do the same for themselves. Whether it be an individual, a team or a large group, it starts by building self-awareness and mind health. From there, the strategies and solutions to problems big or small, professional or personal become clear. The great thing is these answers come from the participants, so there is a real ownership attached to the outcomes. No one leaves a session the same as when they arrived.

The Way to Being Well program

This holistic program is designed to cover every aspect of your life, focusing on, and enhancing your psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. You will rediscover ways to bring awareness, happiness and prosperity back in to your daily life, and the lives of those around you. You deserve to live life on your terms, and we want to show you how.

We want to fast track you on a process that took us a number of years and are looking forward to sharing all that we’ve learned in six sustainable steps.

• Six modules, each containing a series of lessons that include videos, audios, worksheets with activities and actions to work through
• Weekly group coaching calls
• One on one coaching calls
• Live Q&A’s
• Connection to our community
• Lifetime membership designed to support you every step along your way to being well, and beyond.


Guest speaking

For your next conference, event, retreat, business lunch, teambuilding day

Talk about the power of two. This dynamic duo has been entertaining, engaging and educating for over 60 years between them. Garth as a professional presenter, radio broadcaster and actor. Susie as an educator, trainer and facilitator. Add to that their heart felt passion for showing people how to live a healthier more rewarding life through the sharing of their amazing story. You’ll then have the ingredients for a spellbinding presentation, and a compelling argument to change the way you view the world.

Like many of us Garth and Susie have had their ups and downs and have felt the pain of hardship and trauma. They have found the resilience to dig deep, and not just recover from these experiences, but use them to learn, grow and to share their knowledge and wisdom to help others. You will love their story, and the way they strike the perfect balance between emotional intelligence and common sense. Garth and Susie speak from their experience and those of the thousands of people they have worked successfully with over many years. They will help you face your fears, make better connections at work and in your personal life, be healthier and create better habits. They’ll make you laugh and make you cry, but most importantly they’ll make you think about how much more enriching your life can be.


Affiliate program nutritional support

The secret of success is in your daily routine

We also know that the health industry can be confusing with an overwhelming amount of information coming from all directions.

You want to get healthy, be happier and have more energy, but you just don’t know where to begin.

Our affiliate program will help you with just that. It’s one simple change you can make today to boost your cellular health, improving your immune, nervous and digestive systems. It is a healthy, convenient option, an effective way to create more vitality for living a better life.

If you’re needing more help, we are your humans. We love helping people with their health and wellbeing, by making it easier to lighten the load. A quick email will help get you started.

Being healthy on the inside is the foundation of wellbeing!

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Our holistic programs are designed to cover every aspect of your life. Please contact us, so we can best meet your needs.