Six steps to a new you.

‘The Way to Being Well’ – SIX STEPS TO A NEW YOU

Do any of these feelings relate to your life?

Stressed, overwhelmed, worn-out, unhealthy, exhausted, irritable, rushed, lost, guilty, out of shape, disconnected, lacking purpose, anxious, sleep deprived, distracted, apathetic. You’re doing all you can to be well, and it’s just not working.

As human beings we all have times in our lives when we can be experiencing any number of these feelings, for a myriad of reasons, on many varying levels. The good news is that being human means you can adapt and change the direction of your life given the right tools, strategies, and support.

What if you could feel more…

Present, calm and acceptance, energetic, prosperous, optimistic, healthy, connected to those around you, productive, creative, clear thinking, and a greater sense of self confidence.

What if we told you we can show you the way to revive your life in six commonsense, achievable steps?

This training course covers every aspect of your life, focusing on, and enhancing your psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. You will rediscover ways to bring happiness, prosperity, and understanding back into your daily life, and the lives of those around you. You deserve to live life on your terms, and we want to show you how.

How does this program work?

Learning is one of the keys to success. We’ve spent years studying, growing and changing so we want to share with you our philosophy on a holistic approach to wellbeing that works.

We want to fast-track you on a process that took us a number of years and are looking forward to sharing all that we’ve learned in six sustainable steps.

We assume you are ready to learn, because the more you put into this training, the better your wellbeing outcome.

· Six modules, each containing a bunch of lessons that include video, audio, worksheets with recommended activities and actions to work through.

· Weekly Group Coaching Calls

· One to One Coaching

· Live Q & A’s

· Connection to our Community

· Lifetime membership designed to support you every step along your way to being well and beyond


I met Susie at a challenging time in my life and was seeking some mentoring and counselling. She was a truly kind professional and offered sound, practical advice and an action plan to move forward. Susie has the ability to connect and understand another person’s journey, put herself in their shoes and draw upon her own wide exposure of life events to then help her clients. Susie has extremely high emotional intelligence and that is only complimented by Garth, who shares the same quality. Together they have a genuine interest in helping people to live their best life. Inspiration at its best – thank you for being you Susie and Garth, the world needs more like it. – Suzi Urdarov

Isn’t it interesting that something as basic as the act of listening is so scarce a commodity? I have known Garth for many years, and he is the exception to this rule. His ability to engage and focus on you is one of his many strengths. No ego, just a genuine desire to understand and support. It is not difficult to see why he is such an effective coach and mentor. – Ross Holding

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